The Worst Book I’ll Ever Write: How to overcome perfection and publish your first book in just five days

Author: Antoinette Johnson 

If you are an aspiring writer or you love to write but get blocked often. If you are generally a perfectionist, even if you don’t want to write you will find that his book is amazing- it will help you overcome all of the above.

In clear language and 4 easy, uncomplicated steps author Antoinette (Anny) Johnson has produced a work of art in its simplicity.

She outlines what she believes a good book to be, and then tells you to forget it as this is not the point of the exercise.

What it does is allow you to write freely and without inhibition. What you end up with is the essence of your message. Which is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’m currently using the formula to write my first published book. And many of her fans are using this formula to draft their first works too.

Well done Anny – Genius!

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If you have read Anny’s book it would be interesting to know how you are getting on with writing your first book too. 

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