Happy New Year

Love is My Theme for 2015

Hello Business Lover! Wowee!! We are halfway through the first month of 2015  already! How is it going for you? Are you depressed by the weather? Worrying about the credit card bills looming after the holiday spend fest? Were relationships strained over the holidays? Or Are you like me, looking forward to a love filled, [...]

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How to Be Brilliant!

Hello Beautiful! What is Brilliance? What makes a person Brilliant? What makes you Brilliant? Those are all very common questions, because we all want to shine, be attractive and be special. We see other people being brilliant and wonder how they do that. Is it some magic, or are they just born geniuses? In fact it’s [...]

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L.O.V.E. Your Clutter! – Part 1

  The Festive Holidays are over and the New Year brings new horizons and new desires! It's time to think about clearing the old and bringing in something new into our homes both physically and energetically. Time to do some de-cluttering! I must confess that although I help and advise my clients to create beautiful, nurturing, organised homes, I am far from [...]

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