Usain Bolt Did Not Win….

Usain Bolt did not win.... ...the 100m sprint all by himself!   Hello Business Lover! Shock! – “What do you mean? Are you crazy?” -  I hear you cry – After all we have just witnessed the fastest man on earth achieve his finest accolade of winning gold medals 3 times, in 3 events, in [...]

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Business Love – London Launch

It's here at last!  You may have noticed that I've been very quiet with my postings and Business Love Letters just lately.  Did you miss me?!  Well my friends, I've been working hard behind the scenes, learning new ideas, strategies and techniques, and improving my business to bring you the very best of my discoveries both on line and off, [...]

I’ve Made a Big Mistake – HUGE!!!

Hello Business Lover! Did you ever watch the movie Pretty Woman? Where Julia Robert’s character returned to one of the stores in Lorado Drive in LA, an exclusive, expensive stop where they refused to serve her because she looked shabby. She came back to show off her spoils after her client Richard Gere made sure [...]

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