Breakdown to Breakthrough

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Hello Business Lover! I can’t believe that it’s already over a week since The Business Love Conference! My first ever one day event with guest speakers. It was an awesome experience!  I’m still on a high from all the comments and compliments by the attendees and the speakers. There was so much love in that [...]

I’m Fed-up To My Back Teeth!!!

  Hello Business Lover! I am fed up with chasing all those bright shiny objects! You know the ones I mean... Those special offers and those free webinars that promise the Earth and deliver a sand castle!!! I’m more fed up with my own self, because I know what I’m like with being distracted and [...]

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Sh#*t Happens!… Then it Floats Away….

Hello Business Lover! Have you ever been on a project or mission, fully ready to take the next major step, when you get sidetracked by something shiny and bright that sparks your interest? It looks like your kind of thing, something that will add to what you are doing. It holds the same values and principals [...]

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