Hello Beautiful!

Jogging view day 60!!!! Hurraaahh!!! £100 TARGET REACHED YAY!!!

Thanks to you, my very generous and loving friends. Thank you – NEW TARGET SET AT £1000 for the remaining 30 Days – Come on now – let’s do this!! Please spread the word!



It started one day when I decided to start my morning runs again. I took a picture on route and the next day the same. I thought these would be good to post on Facebook for other people to see the great views of our town.


When it got to Jogging View day 15 (I think), my friend Rosa who had been Liking my pics all along, asked me if I was doing it for a reason. At the time I said no, just to get fit. Then I thought why not make it into a challenge for myself to see if I could keep going for 30 days!

During this time I started a movement with many people becoming inspired to start jogging or riding their bikes as well. I felt really proud that others would follow my lead. Now knowing that so many people where interested and depending on my pictures – this thought kept me going, and made it so much fun to do.

Yay! I completed the challenge, all was good and I kept on running each morning after that, thinking that people might have been bored by then and moved on.

But no! I started getting complaints! “Where are the jogging views?”

On my gosh people were really interested!

So I thought to myself I’ll set a bigger challenge and jog with my views for 90 days!! And do it for a purpose!

So, the 90-Day Jogging Views charity run is for Cancer Research – In memory of my late ex-husband, the father of my children, Desmond Miller Snr. He struggled with Lymphoma for 19 years before passing over 07/07/2007.

Today, as I post this, it’s Jogging view day 60– I’ve raised £100 of £100 target.

A cause for celebration?? 

But wait! I have just seen a most amazing YouTube video of a young man who ran for Cancer Research. Terry Fox – He had cancer himself and ran a marathon each day, raising $23 million, in an attempt to run across his homeland, Canada – which has moved me to raise my own game and raise the target to £1,000 in 90 days.

So come on my Fans Friends and Family,  help me do this –  I’m asking for donations for the cause in the hope that one day cancer will be something that no-one ever has to think about – Ever!

Please spread the word.

Thanks for your support and comments – they have inspired me to keep going.

Life is short – Let’s do this!


Together – We Can!

Jennifer x


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