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Yesterday I saw something on TV that was supposed to break my heart, instead it made me really angry! – with myself! The Syrian refugee crisis!

I remember as a child having these same images in my mind of the refugees from war-torn countries, walking across the planet to their expectation of freedom. Also death and starvation.

I was angry with myself and the world because we were all told in the ancient writings and by the signs that if we use our free will and chose to stand in Fear/“Sin” that these things were going to manifest! We could prevent these things by using our free will to stand in Love for each other and for life.


If we stand in love for humanity and ourselves there is nothing to fear!

  • There is plenty food – so much so that we waste probably at least 80% of what is produced on the planet.
  • There is shelter – we have materials and technology to provide sustainable living standards for every person on Earth.
  • There is community – all we need to do is raise our eyes from our devices and connect with a real live human being. Humans need connection to survive.
  • There is clothing – one part of the world has too many clothes to wear in a lifetime – the other half has only rags and no shoes.
  • There are no Sabre toothed tigers roaming the High Street!
  • There is enough and we are safe!

So what are we afraid of? – our own power to choose, because we can!

And we know deep down that we have the power to create worlds and destroy universes.

Even I can tell that we won’t stop all the fighting and famine by using force and hate – that just sends more negative energy out into the world and more hate manifests.

It’s time to stand together in unconditional Love. If we send that out to the world – guess what? It has to come back because others are doing the same.


I think it was Marianne Williamson who described it with this analogy –

Imagine Love to be a huge ball of golden, sparkly, light-energy in the universe.

It is all there is, that is the atoms, organisms, you and me, the planet, the universe itself  – It’s high vibration – positive thought, bliss, happiness, health, joy, growth, peace, love.


Anything that is not of this high vibration light-energy is moving away from the light; away from Love towards the dark.

Its vibration is of low energy  – hate, jealousy, greed, anger, stress, lust, disease, death, hunger, violence.

These are in the absence of the light and we call this Fear.

Therefore Fear does not exist. It is the absence of Love.

It’s our natural state to be Love.

It’s all too easy to become fearful because we have our “Ego – Ego does anything it can to protect the Self from dangers of being attacked in any way; looking bad, being wrong, making a stand.

We can become complacent and believe that if we go along with the Status Quo all will be well. Not realising how that decision is affecting the people and the planet we are connected to.

If we are going to make any kind of change we must ourselves “become the change we want see…” as Ghandi stated. We don’t need to use force or hate against our apparent enemies. We can look them in the eye and get them to look into ours and they will know that we are one. If they hurt us, they hurt themselves. If the kill us, they kill themselves.

But I say unto you Love your enemies,

bless them that curse you,

do good to them that hate you,

and pray for them that dispitefully use you and persecute you…”

Matthew 5:44

“Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend”

Dr Martin Luther King


I say that we send love to those that are living in fear and paranoia of their neighbours.

I’m sending love to the refugees

I’m sending even more love to the war-mongers

I’m visualising and feeling into connecting to the fighter-pilots – they feel our love, they turn around and land – they leave their aircraft and walk away in unison.

I’m visualising that the tank commandos stop, turn around and go back to base – leave their killing machines and walk away forever.

I see the gun bearers all lover the world just stop in their tracks and put down their weapons – walk away never to touch them again.

I see them engaging with their humanity, realising that they are causing pain to another human being and become filled with love and forgiveness for their perceived enemy.


“You may say that I’m a dreamer – but I’m not the only one…” ~ John Lennon.


Just imagine if we all did this collectively all at once; just imagine how powerful we would be in changing the whole planet.

This is why we work, Business Lovers – because we have love for humanity and we want to help the world with our work.

Whether it’s making records and writing songs, massaging feet or creating beautiful homes; deep down we want to chose to do our best work to feel that we that we are making a contribution to making a difference. Changing Fear to Love – helping people feel good, look good, have good, be good!


Our first step is to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

  • Know that we are perfect in this moment in this space.
  • Yes we are a work of art in progress, we will continue to make our mistakes and get it wrong.
  • In getting it wrong we learn and grow as we go.
  • We forgive ourselves – not for the mistake, but for feeling bad about getting it wrong.
  • Bless the mistake – learn the lesson it is here to teach.
  • Open ourselves to receive all the love on the universe so that it over flows. Then we will have enough for ourselves and send the overflow out to the world.
  • Enough even for our enemies!

As we reach out and connect and touch another, we send out Love and drive out Fear.

And as we touch each other with our hearts and minds with our work we will spread love to all the world. Each one, touch one!

Do your best work; do what you love and share the love.

I’m here to help you if you find that you are stuck in Fear – I offer emotional freedom courses so that you can return to Love. Ask me about The Irresistible Love-Based Business –  Programme.

I’d love to know your thoughts about my thoughts – please leave a comment in the comments box on my blog or even better EMAIL ME – I always answer your messages. 


Do what you love with ease and grace – make this world a better place.

With Love – Together – We Can

Jennifer x


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