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Hello Business Lover!

Wowee!! We are halfway through the first month of 2015  already!

How is it going for you?

Are you depressed by the weather? Worrying about the credit card bills looming after the holiday spend fest? Were relationships strained over the holidays?


Are you like me, looking forward to a love filled, amazing, fruitful and productive year?

For the first time ever I began to plan out what I want to happen for each month for the year ahead; what I’d like to have – where I’d like to be – how and who I’m going to serve, how much money I’m earning etc.

You might say that I’m setting myself up for disappointment if things don’t work out – I say  “no problem!”  If my plans don’t work out then I’ll conclude that maybe I didn’t want whatever it was badly enough, or the time wasn’t right.

I’ll just address my thoughts and feelings around the subject. Adjust the plan and either draw a line and do something different or just keep going until I have what I want. I always say that the key is to take notice of how you feel. Is the end outcome going to be worthy of your time, effort and make you feel good. After all, as human beings all we want is to feel good.

Just by doing my planning early it has giving me a positive feeling for my year ahead.  I’m living into those plans and thoughts, and we all know that we get more of what we focus on.

Love is my theme for 2015!

Why? Because the world is in such need and we all want it in our lives. I’m making it my mission to spread Love and Empowerment in everything I do. And it all starts with self-love first.

If you want to achieve loving relationships you have love yourself first, so that others can feel your love and want to be near you.

If you want to achieve your heart’s desires, you have to love yourself first and know you are deserving of what you want just because you are you.

If you want to achieve business success you have to love yourself and what you have to offer first, so that your clients and customers can feel your passion and believe in your work. They feel good and spread that out into the community.

Everything I do is base on love – giving love – receiving love – loving life – loving my bills – loving my clients – loving my challenges and life lessons.  Loving myself most of all!

Without self-love how can we truly love another?

Self love is not to be confused with selfishness or being self-absorbed. Those come from a point of fear and lack. You can become controlling, manipulative, un-empathetic and even greedy; and always feeling bad about yourself inside. That vibration resonates out to the people around you; the universe or the divine listens and gives you what you are resonating with. More of the same!

Self-love is healing, positive and secure. You will recognise that people are not your enemy; you treat them as equals, and teach them how to treat you and operate in the world by example. And yes sometimes things may not be working out for you however when you have deep self-love you are more resilient and can bounce back better and stronger than if you are full of self-loathing.

So, if Love is my focus then I am bound to have more of what I focus on – Yes?

What’s your theme for 2015?

I would love to know! I’m looking forward to your comments please post them below or EMAIL ME 


With Love – Together We Can!


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