PLASTIC MANI think its all over ….

I’ve finally had to admit that I’m an elderly lady and learn to calm down and behave myself. I am going to try to fit into my age of 54 and take a back seat.  Let the youngsters take the reins and admit that I’m not going to be able to achieve anything of much use…..

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

NO WAY!!!!!!!

Those of you who know me must be in shock by now. Right?

That’s just not me at all! Right!

It’s just not what I stand for!

Fitting in, being small, feeling unworthy – not any more!

My mantra is always  – “It’s not ‘I can’t!….’ –  its ‘How can I?’..” which always comes from being in a state of positivity. 

However, my personal challenge has always been really knowing what I want to do or become or have. There is so much from which to choose!

It’s now time to get real – to be authentic – come from truth.

And the truth is ….

I have to admit to myself and declare that I don’t want a JOB!

There – I’ve said it!

But get this.... I didn’t say I don’t want to work. That is something different.

I love working.

I love working at something that is totally fulfilling, getting amazing results, making a difference. Seeing people strive and achieve and have happy fulfilling outcomes.

I love doing work that is rewarding.

I know that is what you want to be doing too.

Let’s face it, no one wants “a JOB”, but doing work that is of value is what we are here to do.

Just imagine hanging about all day doing nothing. Go Stir Crazy or what!!

Think of the successful people you know, millionaire business owners, rock stars, film stars, sports stars – they all work extremely hard- even with having all that money.

Why? – Because money is not their driver. It is making that difference, delivering something that touches the heart and minds of their fans, business connections or customers that drives them.

So how do you move from just being a mundane blot on the landscape of mediocrity, towards doing what you love, having what you want and becoming the person you want to be?

The very first step is to look at your life, your contributions, and how you already make a difference, and then answer this question.

“What do I stand for?”

For me that question really made me think and brought everything into perspective.

“What do I stand for?” 

Definitely not being a 54-year-old elderly lady waiting for her pension!

I stand for Inspired Living… Life is an adventure.

I’m here to share my knowledge, experiences and gifts.

I’m here to inspire you and me to have that adventure, get creative on life and live it.

That certainly has nothing to do with how long I’ve been on this planet.

I’m here to help you get rid of that “I can’t!…” head talk and show you how to get excited about living an inspired life with a “How can I…? attitude.

I’ve been doing that all my life.

I believe that every man, woman and child on Earth has the right to strive for a beautiful, safe, nurturing home, the right education, enough food, well made clothes and shoes and to love, be loved and do what they truly love. 

As humans we have an in-built drive to aspire – (Check out Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs) 

For some it’s to find the next meal. For some it’s to build the next tower.

If we lose that drive to strive we become less than human. We become automatons. And there is no way I’m going to dry up and disappear!

So, if not that then what am I going to do?

Right now, I’m planning my year ahead – with new connections, online video interviews and the revival of Inspiration Junction! in a new format and much more. And that book!

Look out 2013  – You won’t know what’s hit you!

If any of this is post resonates with you and you want to comment please go right ahead. Leave your comments on the website for other readers to benefit and join in the conversation. It would be great to learn what you all think about your place in this life and what contributions you feel you can make.

Oh and by the way…what is your answer to the question….

“What do I stand for…?”

Share the love.

Together – We can!

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Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte –

Whatever you want to be, do or have, Jennifer is dedicated to helping you to get rid of that “I can’t!..” head talk and shows you how to get excited about living an inspired life with a “How can I…?” attitude.

She is passionate about helping you live life on your own terms – by showing you how to de-clutter your mind, body and space to create a home and life rich with harmony, love and prosperity.

If this is something that you want for your life then you are welcomed to make contact for a chat and find out more.

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