To all my subscribers and friends – thanks for your support and love during 2012. I hope to keep on inspiring you to live the life you love during 2013. All my love to you too.

I guess by now you would have at least thought about what you want for the year ahead even if you haven’t written it all out and planned to a T.

That’s great, however, I have been looking at my achievements in 2012 and the lessons I’ve learnt.

The one big thing that stands out for me is learning to let go, becoming softer, allowing and trusting that all is well.

Starting out on my journey into 2013 I’m applying those lessons to what I want for my life for this year.

To take a trip to see my boys in their homes in LA and Michigan, to bring them Mother Love by summer.

To nurture and grow my business by getting my message out there. Making it appealing and juicy, telling of authentic, intuitive success and living life to the full. Attracting the clients who are resonating to the message.

To finish and publish my book as a source of confidence, empowerment, wealth and wisdom for people wanting to improve their lives and the way they live now.

This is the complete opposite to how I used to set my goals.

Hit that target! Get that job done! Make 6 figures by June 1st! Bang! Boom! Stress! Angst!

What a lot of pushing and forcing, setting myself up for a fall.

This way just does not make me feel good and hence I don’t achieve most of what set out to do. (Notice I haven’t put in any fixed dates, amounts or targets?)

I’m approaching this year with a whole new way of Gorgeous Goal Setting by feeling my way into my achievements. Instead of working in a ‘masculine energy’ way, I now work with the “feeling first”.

I think how I want to feel first.

What can I do that would make me feel this way – gorgeous, free, loved, secure, happy…

On the other hand, if there’s a specific goal, then I think about how I want to feel when I achieve it. Coming from a heart place really probes into your authentic wisdom, the truth of what you really want.

You resonate and vibrate with your true feelings – Easy!

You attract that which is in resonance with you – Easy!


If there’s a deadline by when it must be done and there is any delay, just don’t stress over it.

Trust that whatever must happen – will happen for the greater good.

Change ‘deadline’ for ‘live-line’ and allow it to be alive and changed if necessary. Just know that The Divine has changed it for a good reason.

It could be the thing you want most has not been created yet, built yet, or disengaged from its owner yet.

“What is for you will not pass you by” – unknown

Take lessons from each situation that occurs especially if it appears not to be going your way.

One example I can relate to you is the time I was looking for a new apartment.

My fiancé and I were parting and I was in a position to move anywhere I chose. I quite fancied Hove, a lovely little town near Brighton on the South East coast, but very expensive. I had thoughts that I could just get a better-paid job and attract the right apartment.

So I set about going to job interviews for roles that did not inspire me. I spent hours on the internet stressing that, although beautiful, the apartments did nothing for me. To add to the pressure my friends were disappointed that I wasn’t going to move back into Hastings – I hadn’t realised I was missed and I was that loved.

I sat down and had a heart talk with myself. Forget the place! – Forget the price! What kind of place would I love to live in? How do I want to feel in the place I love?

Relaxed, warm, creative, empowered, safe, comfortable…a place to welcome friends.

What sort of place would give me those feelings?

I always fancied those warehouse style apartments – I’d like large windows with lots of light – high ceiling s for the sense of freedom – a place for my American style fridge (that has a story of its own), large rooms on the ground floor. Warm in winter, cool in summer, no grass in the garden and would allow cats.

I could feel it – and it felt gorgeous!

Then I just let it go – no stress, no fuss – I stopped worrying about it.

Apart from the fact that there aren’t many warehouse style apartments in Hastings let alone on the ground floor I thought to myself “You crazy! You are asking for the impossible girl!”

Nevertheless, I was fed up of the stress of searching and worrying. I just asked and then let it go…

About 3 days later, I had the inclination to start looking again but this time in Hastings. I came across 3 properties on the internet and rang the agent. As we went through one by one, the lovely lady told me that each property had already gone.

Ok I thought, no probs, they just weren’t for me. I asked her to register me anyway as I was seriously looking and gave her my list of requirements. High ceilings, no grass etc…

She said “Just moment, there is a property that has just come onto our books about 3 days ago – it will be vacant in about a month. Really lovely on the ground floor, high ceilings but no garden. Come and have a look!

Woo woo or what?!!!

So I did. And it was so perfect that when I moved in everything I had slotted into cupboards and onto shelves as if by magic. I could see the sea from my desk. There was even a place for the fridge and a cat flap in the front door for my Bella!

And all I did was feel my way into what I wanted. The reason it hadn’t happen before was because I was not feeling it. As soon as I created the feeling, the Universe moved to allow me to have what I wanted.

And I’m so grateful – Thank you!

Here are the 6 steps that worked for me and I suggest will work for you too,

1.  Feel – the feeling of what you want every minute of every day, as if it’s already done. This will set your inner vibration so that the thing that is resonating with you will be attracted to you.

2.  Ask – for the thing you want most. Then visualise what it will look like. Define in your mind all the details of the thing or achievement. What will it sound like and smell like. Who is there with you?

3.  Let go and let God. Let it go out into the world to attract that which is like unto itself.

4.  Trust – that whatever you want is on its way in its own time.

5.  Act – take the steps towards it in anyway shape or form because even if your path seems to be wrong or a mistake The Divine will be supporting teaching you along the way – learn the lesson and take the next step, always with your intention in mind.

6.  Be Grateful – have an attitude of gratitude for all your blessings.

Right now, even if you have already set your goals have another look at them and this time feel how it would be to achieve them. I’d love to hear from you if you have had similar experiences or stories about feeling first. EMAIL ME!

I’m off to get some more gorgeous feelings – enjoy yours!

With love

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