20161030_071654Hello Business Lover!

I’ve recently been going through some more tough times!


It’s been a time of elation and despair!

One son on the way to great things!

The other going through hell!

Myself caught up in ego and shame!


If you are following me on Facebook you will see what’s been happening or if you know me personally you know that I’ve been on a roller coaster. (Too long a story to go into today)


On my run this morning it was really foggy and it occurred to me that my life is like the fog at the moment and it’s time out to reflect and clear so that I can see what has been going on in my life.

What am I creating here? What am I choosing?

Love is the essence of life – we are all seeking to belong to be loved, and at the end of our lives we will all be asking did I really live and love and contribute. Did my being here really matter?

Looking back at my journey I realise that having loads of money and “the things” did not make me happy and most important it did not help me make a difference to people’s lives or the planet.

I’ve had the BMW and the Mercedes and my children in private school. I’ve had thriving businesses and been in jobs where I was the top sales person and the manager who could sort everything out and turn businesses around to make millions.

During all that time I was really unhappy, complaining that it was the hubby’s fault or that I could not do what I wanted because I had to take care of my children.

I complained to everyone – all the time making out that I was the one hard-done-by and that I was the good one who deserved to be happy. I now recognise that I was being  “Madam Excuse-ville”

Then due to an incident between me and a family member my whole life turned upside down!

My family was broken up. It was as if there was some evil force driving us apart.  Me and my husband broke up and after many years of suffering with cancer he eventually died. My children moved to the US, I moved to the south east coast of the UK and manifested what I thought I wanted and I still was not happy.

Through all my successes and failures I took to studying why my life was continually like this. How can I stop the roller coaster and just be happy and stay successful?

I eventually recognised that life or God or the Universe, was trying to teach me that it wasn’t the things or the people or the place that would make me happy. Happiness was something that I could choose to BE. It starts with me choosing my feelings – choosing to be happy – choosing to feel loved.

Choosing the things I truly wanted from the inside out.

If I could choose my feelings then of course I can choose my actions, therefore I can choose my destiny.  Therefore whatever our reality is on the outside then this is what is going on for us on the inside! This means that we can control our Universe!


That is how powerful thought is – that is how powerful our minds are!

That was the “aha!” moment! – That’s when everything changed.

I was awakened!

I no longer had to blame anyone, not even myself!– and I can tell you that takes so much energy!

As a result, I once again made a decision to step up – and realised that this was not the first time I made that decision. Life is in fact a series of major decisions.  I’m on track to learn for the rest of my life!

I believe we are all on a journey of lifelong learning, teaching and sharing our gifts and being happy and feeling loved and sharing our love with the world.

We are all blessed – we have gifts and talents that the world needs and sometimes we forget and we have to be reminded of why we are here – it’s like a muscle that you have to keep in shape.

So what is it I have to learn today with what has happened recently – All that has happened is I’ve fallen off the log – I have allowed my thoughts to turn into fears and what’s showing up in my life are the results.

At the end of the day we are human after all – and we have had fear based conditioning since birth. There is not one single successful person who can say that they never have failings or made mistakes. It’s how you come through those mistakes and the attitude you have about your journey that makes the difference and keeps you going.

I’ve been so blessed to have some dear friends in my life who keep reminding me that I’m also here for a purpose that it’s time for me to step into and take ownership of my leadership. It’s that time on the “Hero’s Journey” where I can no longer deny that I have something of worth to contribute to the world and “… it’s my time and I’m ready for the next step!” as Denise Duffield Thomas says.

I may not be able to show you how to get a “6 figure business in 2 weeks!” or “get 10 high-end clients in a day!” – Even if I could I don’t want to. That’s not what I’m about.

One thing I can assure is that we are on a journey to great things – and I can show you how to create for yourself a Love-Based business on your own terms – one that is filled with love, that will support your desired lifestyle and honour and celebrate your life-purpose, while you do your valuable work. Where it’s OK to be you and be real and make money doing what you love.

So if you are ready to go the journey with me to creating your “Irresistible Love-Based Business” then here is how you can come on the journey with me –

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If you are ready then let’s have that conversation where I can outline the course content and what is needed to get the results you are seeking  – I’m ready and waiting for you to have a chat to see if you are ready – the world is waiting for your love, so don’t delay any longer.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this – If you like please share –  If you don’t like, it’s OK I still love you any way!


With Love – Together We Can!

Jennifer x


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Based on her Values of Freedom, Knowledge, Influence, Passion, Financial Independence and Love, Jennifer is dedicated to creating an empowering community of Business Lovers who want to cause change in the world through their business by doing what they love. 

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Jennifer loves music, dancing, watching seriously old movies, writing, cooking and eating “delish!” meals with family and friends, adores her children and can be seen jogging around the streets of London in the early hours.

 Jennifer is the Founder of  Business Love – Coaching & Events
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